Saturday, July 4, 2009


Faringitis acute infection is faring on that caused by viruses or bacteria,
which is marked by the painful throat, faring eksudat and hiperemis, fever,
enlargement limfonodi neck and malaise. (Vincent, 2004)

Faring a bag fibromuskuler shaped like a funnel, a large at the top and narrow at the bottom.
This bag from the skull base to continue to connect esofagus as servikal to-6.
Go up faring in touch with the cavity through the nose koana, to deal with the future through the mouth cavity ismus orofaring,
while the laring under the related aditus laring through and touch down to the posterior wall esofagus.
The length in adults faring more than 14 cm; this section is faring the wall that longest.
Faring wall formed by (from the inside out) mucous, fasia faringobasiler, wrapping and some muscle fasia bukofaringeal.

Faring divided into nasofaring, orofaring and laringofaring (hipofaring). Faring's elements are mukosa, palut mucus (mucous blanket), and muscle.
Form mukosa faring vary, depending on location. On nasofaring because its function for respiration,
then mukosa has silia, while epitelnya plated piston containing goblet cells.
In the lower part, namely orofaring and laringofaring, because its function for the dissolved,
Flat layered epitel and not have silia.
Along the faring can be found many cells limfoid network that is located in a series of network interlock system is included in retikuloendotelial.
Therefore, the faring can be also called the body's defense leads.

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